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Hi all!


Thanks for coming!


I'm Tom, I'm a student at the Open University  in the UK. 

I study an open degree titled 'Combined STEM (Honours)' which is a fancy way of saying I did a bit a mix and match in my degree plan as my university doesn't offer a Biochemistry or Molecular Biology routes as of today.

No worries though, I can take care of myself!


This is my third year (2021/22) with the OU and I just love it! I finally found what I truly love doing, what ignites my passions and make my eyes sparkle everyday I'm doing it - science!

Learning about chemical reactions, about the processes of life, especially when it comes to humans and human nature,

nothing excites me more. Not even food.

I'm originally from a rather small town in a small country in the Middle-East (I prefer the term 'Mediterranean') called Israel which you've probably heard of on the news (or don't, I don't judge, nor could I care less if you did). I studied many things along the way - computer science and programming, product management, business development, opera singing (13 years so far!) until I have finally found my true passion as mentioned above.

My main interests are molecular medicine, neuroscience, rheumatology, Sports and Exercise medicine and rehabilitation. 


In this blog I share my thoughts, my discoveries, my ideas and some book reviews (well probably mostly book reviews). Hope you will join me on my journey to become a doctor and a research scientist and enjoy reading this blog!

P.S.  About two years ago I have been diagnosed with hEDS/HSD which is an inherited connective tissue disorder which also involves chronic pain, dysautonomia and chronic inflammation as well as many other not too fun things. I will share my journey in this blog as well as some interesting scientific articles about hEDS/HSD and rehabilitation in the hope that others like me will find it interesting and inspirational.

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