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A brand-new pharmacology video series!

The brilliant medical ghostwriter and scientific editor Jesse Luke now released a first video in his new neuropsychopharmacology lectures called ‘Phunky Pharmacology’ on YouTube (link below)!

In this first video Jesse gives us a short introduction to the world of pharmacology and its importance as well and lists the different disciplines upon which pharmacology relies.

Here’s the video for his first lecture followed by a list of some of the different terms used in the video:

  • Drug – chemical substance that induces a biological effect in a living organism

  • Pathology – the study of diseases, what causes them and how they affect us

  • Neoplastic treatment – treatment of a neoplasm – a tumour

  • Organic chemistry – the study of the chemistry of organic compounds – compounds which contain carbon and hydrogen atoms

  • Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) – a type of cancer which happens in myeloid cells, the cells which form the different types of blood cells .

  • Tyrosine kinase inhibitor – drugs that block tyrosine kinases – enzymes which are used as an on/off switch for many biological processes in cells.

  • BCR-ABL- a somatic mutation (not inherited from parents) formed by the fusion of two genes (BCR and ABL) which is found in many MCL patients

  • Molecular biology – the study of molecular mechanisms of biological activities (how receptors work? How proteins used for signalling? And many many more questions). Molecular biology is the queen of biology, but I’m not objective. ;)

Next week I will post his second video in the series (already published if you want to go ahead and watch it) in which he gives an introduction to pharmacodynamics (how drugs affect the body?) along with my notes and clarifications! - Stay tuned and subscribe!


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